Fire Sprinkler Inspection Frequency

If your building relies on an automatic fire sprinkler system to maintain the safety of the building and its occupants, it is recommended to carry out regular inspections. Fire sprinkler inspection should be carried out by a fire safety expert to ensure everything is working at optimal performance and compliant with Australian Standards to ensure a building’s fire safety systems are fully functional at all times.

A sprinkler system is required to deliver high pressure water in the case of fire. Each sprinkler “head” has a heat sensitive bulb that breaks when reaching a predetermined temperature to allow the flow of water over a diffuser to the designated coverage area.

The following components are required:

  • Consistent water supply
  • Control valve assembly and pipework
  • Sprinkler heads
  • Pump/s for correct pressure and water flow rate

Putting in place a regular service and maintenance regime is essential to ensure compliance as per Australian Standards AS 1851-2012 and AS2118

  • Monthly
  • Six Monthly
  • Annual
  • 5 Yearly
  • Ten Yearly
  • Twenty-Five and Thirty Yearly

At FSME, we are highly aware of the importance and need of safety and compliance – which is why it is considered as a main priority.

FSME is fully Licenced with QBCC in all disciplines associated with Conceptual Design, Installation and Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment. FSME is also fully compliant with Cm3 and is a member of the FPA (Fire Protection Association of Australia).

To discuss your fire safety inspection and testing requirements get in touch on 07 5564 8404.

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