Fire Safety On, Accidents Gone
Servicing a wide variety of industries


FSME is Licensed with QBCC in all disciplines associated with Conceptual Design, Installation and Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment. Our technicians are involved in technical issues delivered with an accredited Fire Certifier as well as day to day routine maintenance and testing. 

Our expertise includes the following assets: 

  • Fire Sprinkler and Water Spray Systems
  • Special Hazards systems
  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
  • Evacuation Systems
  • Pump-sets – Sprinkler / Hydrants
  • Fire Extinguishers, hydrants & Hose Reels
  • Passive Fire & Smoke Containment
  • Emergency Exit Light
  • Water Tanks and water supplies
  • Fire Doors
  • Audits & Certification

FSME services include the requirements to help Clients and Stakeholders overcome risks inherent in Five (5) yearly hydrostatic compliance testing and Pump appliance Booster Flow / Pressure Testing with Two (2) fully owned pump appliance testing units and calibrated equipment.

Additionally, FSME offers Booster Appliance Pump Testing & Water Proving Tests and evaluation of computer-based PPM programs.

Our scope of Services includes: 

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance PPM – for Fire Services
  • PPM – for Maintenance work outside annual routine testing per AS1851-2012
  • Planned Scheduled Work & Maintenance – for Outage / Breakdowns / Repairs /
  • Component Replacement  
  • Unscheduled Maintenance – for Emergencies / Modifications / Shutdowns

FSME identifies non-compliance issues and provides the advice, with a technical report to further enhance its role by providing ongoing assistance to the Client who are responsible for achieving annual or site compliance either to meet statutory requirements or governance.

The long-term aim of FSME is to differentiate by being intimate with each property, and by not only identifying compliance issues, but also providing the solutions and management capability to rectify these issues.


We work with all types of commercial buildings including commercial high-rise office buildings, retail precincts & shopping centres.


We service a range of buildings in the Healthcare sector including hospitals, clinics, surgeries, research facilities, aged care homes and more.

Residential High Rise

We install, manage, test and maintain fire systems in a variety of residential high-rise buildings throughout South East QLD.


FSME can service almost any building from government such as schools and hospitals, to childcare and day care centres, retail outlets and large shopping centres, airports and carparks.

Data Centres

We provide fire protection services to Data Centres ensuring the protection of valuable computer networking equipment.


While fire protection requirements will vary from one Mine to another, FSME have experience in working with a range of clients across the Mining industry installing and maintaining fire systems.


We work with many industrial buildings and estates including warehouses, factories, laboratories, workshop and office spaces.


Fire safety systems are essential on both land and at sea. FSME can service large vessels such as ships and ferries, ports and marine buildings.


We work with Petrochemical Plants to establish and maintain high risk fire safety systems.