Fires Are Rare When Care Is There!
Servicing and Testing


Let us help you take control and take the hassle out of fire protection with total solutions and expert advice.  As a leading Fire Services company, we provide a broad portfolio of solutions and services used in performing essential fire safety maintenance including all works (routine service activities and repairs) to ensure the reliability, integrity, functionality and performance of essential fire safety systems, equipment and life safety features in a building or structure that have been installed principally for the protection of life or property.

FSME can assist with affordable end-to-end closed loop fire protection services with unmatched levels of personal service and attention to detail to achieve your compliance requirements.

Fire Systems Maintenance and Testing

We are here to help our CUSTOMERS manage compliance in the service and maintenance of fire and safety equipment to ensure a compliant service regime is in place through regulation requirements of the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 & Queensland Development Code MP6.1- Maintenance of fire safety installations and in accordance with AS1851-2012.

At FSME, we specialise in testing, assessing and replacing a range of fire safety equipment as detailed below. Our Planned Preventative Maintenance program utilises an electronic tracking platform that allows our clients access to all site maintenance plans and service documentation.        

24/7 Service

The heat is on, you can count on us to be there for your 24/7 service calls, repairs and assistance. Fully equipped service technicians are on 24-hour standby, ready to undertake fast emergency repairs or troubleshooting. Using up to date technology allows our technicians to access all required equipment and servicing information on the spot.

Site Evaluation and Compliance

FSME offer professional and accurate site evaluations and certificates of compliance. We can assist with compliance requirements on new installations or adding to existing fire service systems for building extensions on both basic and complex fire services. Our compliance procedures ensure that your fire systems meet all requirements in accordance with the Australian Standards and building codes.

System Commissioning Testing

Get ahead of the game. On completion of an installation or extension of an existing system, FSME can identify any non-compliant  systems. Our depth of knowledge assists us in identifying these issues as well as finding pragmatic solutions to rectify and thus achieve compliance.  FSME has the skills and capacity to commission jobs of all sizes from minor system upgrades to complete fire pump-sets, fire sprinkler, hydrant systems and any other essential services related works.

Evacuation Training – Prepare Your Staff for Emergency Evacuation

Committed to being part of your team – We promote 21st Century expectations and work practices where decisions are based on Preparation – Review – Drills

FSME are experienced and highly qualified consultants and trainers that specialise in the development of high-quality emergency plans, diagrams and other emergency management resources. This includes the facilitation of warden training evacuation exercises to ensure that every member of your team is equipped to handle any emergency situation.

Our Services Include

fire sprinkler

Fire Sprinkler Systems

FSME will test and assess your fire sprinkler system to ensure that your building meets compliance. Our maintenance program ranges from monthly testing to annual sprinkler testing and certification through to 5 yearly system overhauls.

Fire Pump sets

Fire Pump Sets

The fire pump set is an essential part of the fire sprinkler system water supply. We provide service to meet the Australian Standards. This includes frequent inspection and testing from monthly, 6 monthly to annual, depending upon the building and code application.


Fire Hydrant Systems

The AS 1851-2012 requires Fire Hydrants to be inspected and tested at 6 monthly intervals. An unassisted flow test is required annually and every 5 years an assisted flow test is required. FSME can carry out this testing to ensure your building meets compliance.

Exit and Emergency lighting

Exit and Emergency Lighting

FSME offers maintenance, service and inspection to exit and emergency lighting in accordance with AS2293.2 and AS2293.3 at 6 monthly intervals.

Fire hose reels

Fire Hose Reels

FSME carry out 6 monthly inspection on fire hose reel systems in accordance with AS 1851-2012.

Water Tanks

Water Storage Tanks for Fire Systems

FSME maintenance of water storage tanks provides monthly inspection and testing in accordance with AS 1851-2012


Gaseous Systems

An enclosure integrity test is a mandatory requirement for gaseous extinguishing systems. FSME have certified technicians able to undertake integrity testing.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

At FSME we inspect and test fire extinguishers in accordance with AS 1851-2012 at 6 monthly intervals. We also carry out the 5 yearly pressure testing replacement service to maintain compliance.

Fire Detection Alarm

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Automatic fire detection and alarm systems require inspection and testing on a monthly basis to meet compliance. Our technicians record all logbook entries at the time of inspection in accordance with AS 1851-2012.

passive fire

Passive Fire

In accordance with AS 1851-2012, FSME carry out inspection and testing of Fire Dampers at 3 monthly intervals, Fire Doors at 6 monthly intervals and Fire Walls and Barriers on an annual basis.

Fire Safety Door

Fire Doors / Smoke Doors / Unit Doors

FSME test fire, smoke and unit doors at 6 monthly intervals with a full inspection completed annually in accordance with AS 1851-2012.

Special hazard systems smoke alarms

Special Hazard Systems Smoke Alarms

FSME will carry out monthly testing and inspection in accordance with AS 1851-2012.

5 yearly booster

5 Yearly Hydrant Booster Testing

An assisted flow test and pressure test is required every 5 years in accordance with AS 1851-2012. FSME can carry out this testing to ensure your building meets compliance.


Fire Blankets

In accordance with AS 1851-2012, FSME will carry out inspection and testing of Fire Blankets at 6 monthly intervals.