Who is responsible for maintaining fire equipment in a building?

It is often a common point of contention as to who is responsible maintaining fire equipment; installation, replacement or repair of fire safety fittings and fixtures in tenanted premises.

If you are an owner, occupying or managing a building in Queensland, you have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of persons in the building in the event of a fire. Ref: https://www.qfes.qld.gov.au/buildingsafety/Pages/owner-occupier.aspx

Generally, the building lease will specify who is responsible for the fire safety equipment installation as well as who is responsible for maintenance obligations. In most cases the tenant will be required to maintain the fire equipment and comply with maintenance obligations. A tenant will also need to comply with the buildings fire safety policy:

  • Appoint fire wardens
  • Conduct and participate in fire training drills
  • Service equipment such as extinguishers, smoke alarms and sprinkler systems

A fire event in commercial premises can be devastating, particularly if you are uninsured or have not maintained the fire safety equipment to Australian Standards.

When entering into a commercial lease agreement fire safety should not be overlooked. You should be fully aware of your legal obligation under the terms of your lease agreement. Ref: https://www.qfes.qld.gov.au/buildingsafety/Pages/owner-occupier.aspx

FSME are highly aware of the importance and need of safety and compliance. They offer three main tiers of service, which includes the maintenance of fire systems, professional and accurate site evaluations and compliance programs.

If you are unaware of your obligations or looking to engage a fully licenced expert contact FSME on 07 5564 8404.

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